Friday 13th July 2018

As our final week draws near in Year 5, the children have continued to work hard and have reflected on their learning over the past year. 
English -  The children have worked incredibly hard to make their final story in Year 5 as interesting and as powerful as possible. By reading aloud to each other, their editing skills are improving as they become more aware of issues such as missing words or repetition. The class are learning to provide constructive feedback to each other as to how sections could be improved on and we have been impressed by their maturity in delivering and receiving these comments. Miss Abbott is particularly looking forward to reading them before the start of next year. 
Science - Our pea shoot harvest has been small but successful and we are looking forward to harvesting some potatoes next week. 

Maths - The children have revised area and perimeter this week and have used their knowledge of angles around a point to find a number of missing angles in different shape…

Friday 29th June 2018

It's been another very busy two weeks in 5C!
MATHS We looked at scaling and ratio where the class were asked questions like: "William takes 12 minutes to walk to school.  It takes Lacey 4 times as long.  How long does it take Lacey to walk to school? Prove it using a model."
We also reviewed our shape knowledge through a variety of activities and worked together on the definitions of polygon, quadrilateral, regular, irregular, symmetrical, parallel, perpendicular and vertices. 
ENGLISH We have started to plan ideas for a story using the painting by Rousseau as our starting point. The children have all been told that Rousseau explained that a group of hunter explorers were just out of view of the painting. The class now have the exciting task of planning what happened next. They have written some brilliant story openings on Friday and will continue the story writing process next week!
HISTORY The class compared and contrasted King Cheng Tang and King Di Xin from the Shan…

Summer 2 Week 2

Summer 2 Week 2

The children have welcomed Mrs Gritz into 5C beautifully and have been keen to show her a high standard of work and behaviour.  We are proud of the way they have taken the change of teaching staff in their stride and in their enthusiasm and diligence at the start of the last term in Year 5.

Week 2 has involved some final tests in Maths and English and we have been impressed at the children's growing maturity, both in taking tests and in their understanding that the tests are not to label success or failure, but that they are to provide information for their Year 6 teachers in September. 


On the last few days of term, the class caterpillars had begun to form into chrysalides.

Mrs Sandhu kindly babysat them over the half term holiday and took the following photos of their transformation into butterflies.

After a few days in which the butterflies wings strengthened, we released them into the Butterfly Garden next to the Prayer Garden.  Some butterflies confid…

Summer Term Week 6

We concluded our bread baking unit with trialling a different method of making bread.  We made flatbreads by kneading, rolling out and shaping our dough and adding our choice of special ingredient.  5C worked extremely efficiently in their teams and provided an interesting range of special ingredients, such as pomegranate, dried mango and raisins.
We have just finished our transformation unit where we have discussed the extent to which transformation can change lives and improve situations. Our final focus in this unit has been the power of the Holy Spirit to enable transformation.
5C wrote wonderful versions of Oranges in No Man's Land from the perspective of a less dominant character.  They wrote passionately and dramatically about the struggles of this character and really emphasised the importance of the friendship between two characters with this story. Excellent work! We concluded the unit by reviewing the story and explaining any unanswered questions we have …

Summer 1 Week 4

We have had a productive few weeks so far this half term
5C have been thoroughly immersed in our fiction book Oranges in No Man’s Land, which we have been focusing on this half term.They have impressed us with their understanding of how the relationships between characters change during a time of war.The children have responded sensitively to the difficult situations the characters face within the book and offered encouraging words of advice.They are creating fantastic writing on this book, including diary entries as well as writing the story again from the perspective of a different character.The children have been ensuring they include modal verbs in their writing during this unit as well as learning the difference between direct and reported speech.
Every child in 5C successfully made their own bread roll! This was a result of hard work, clearly allocated roles within teams and working quickly with limited time!!The children put enormous effort into their kneading, mixing …

Alton Castle

Day 1:

After a bright and early start, our first stop was the Staffordshire Regiment Museum.

 A huge thank you to the volunteers who do not normally work on a Monday, but who came in especially for us.  The museum staff had worked hard to make the visit particularly meaningful for the children and told us numerous facts about Harpenden and London boroughs during the war.

We tried on various British WWII uniforms: