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5C Week 3

Learning in 5C this week

We have learned about prominent people whose love of God and peaceful actions, have inspired and changed the lives of others.  These have included several Nobel Peace Prize winners.  We marked the International Day of Peace on Thursday and have reflected on ways to bring people together at school and in the wider community, by recognising our common humanity.

English We have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to read (and watch online performances of) Michael Rosen's poems. Inspired by his work, we have written free verse poetry, re-enacted humorous scenes and discussed the underlying serious issues running through some of his work.  We have taken a closer look at the use of metaphors and similes in poetry. 
We have begun our new class book, “Christophe’s Story”, about an eight year-old asylum seeker from Rwanda.

Mrs Chisholm brought in some Seyes handwriting paper to help reinforce the difference in height between capital and lower case letters.  It was a M…

5C Week 1 Autumn

Learning in 5C this week

The children have made a really positive start to Year 5 by listening well and adapting to new routines.  We are both very proud of their effort so far.
We have been looking at a range of poems by Charles Causley this week.  After reading a poem called ‘As I went down Zig Zag’ where people act unusually, we wrote our own nonsense poem about going to a chaotic place where things like wearing one boot and one shoe happen! We had to stick to the rhyme scheme of the example poem and put characters into amusing and strange situations!
We looked at the positive and difficult times in the lives of St Dominic as well as all four of the house saints here at St Dominic.  We discussed how each of these people showed bravery and faith during times when they weren’t always believed or supported.  We explained what we admired the most about each of the saints.
We have been studying place value this week and working out which numbers are larger and smaller than…