5C Week 7

Thank you for attending Parents' Evening earlier this week.  It was lovely to meet you all and we hope you enjoyed looking at your child's work displayed in the classroom and their books.

Over the last fortnight, we have been learning about the following:

We have revised the names of 2D shapes, added fractions and decimals to make a whole number and 
worked on perimeter and area of simple and compound shapes.  We have also learned to convert between different units of measurement ie cm into m
The children have enjoyed playing games on the following website which you may want to take a look at with them over half term:
Fraction number bonds
Decimal number bonds
Analogue to digital time

We have been considering what it means to be involved in a mission as a Catholic. Some of 5C explained that they are involved in assisting elderly people living in care homes to distribute their cards around Christmas time.  Others mentioned small yet important jobs they take part in around the school.

We have finished our class book, 'Christophe's Story' by Nicki Cornwell.
We discovered that there is a sequel to the book which the class were keen on reading.  You may want to ask at the library if it is available.
It is called 'Armel's Revenge'.

We have been evaluating what we think the rights all children globally should have are. We have discussed situations where children are missing out on their rights and what we can do about it. How many rights can you remember? Here is a link to a little book of the rights:

We looked at illustrations of the rights of all children in the book For Every Child and have completed a painting showing one of the rights all children deserve to have. Here are some of the images found in that book:
We have ended term with a few low key tests and assessments to monitor progress.   These will occur every half term and are nothing for the children to worry about.  It is merely a tool for us to see if there are any areas which require more teaching.

Have a great half term break.

Mrs Chisholm and Mrs Scamans  


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