5C Autumn 2 Week 3

Autumn 2 Week 3


We have spent this week looking at Judaism, especially the significant meal eaten on the Seder plate during Passover. We have compared and contrasted aspects of the Jewish faith with Catholicism and thought about the spiritual reasons for the actions of believers.


Following on from our work on identifying equivalent fractions, we have been converting improper fractions to mixed numbers and vice versa as well as solving a range of problems on this topic.  We have worked on the formal written method for multiplying a 2 digit number number by another 2 digit number and we have rounded 6 digit numbers to the nearest ten, hundred, thousand etc.


The class has worked incredibly hard to produce some fabulous reviews of the Museum of Fun and we have started designing some challenging educational trails for the museum packed full of a variety of questions for a reader.  


We have worked hard to learn how to use maps to answer a range of geographical questions, linked to our volcano topic.


Our new topic is Forces.  We have learned about Sir Isaac Newton, gravity and pushes and pulls.  We have begun to plan an investigation into friction to help stop secret agent Jamie Bond from slipping when he is chasing the 'bad guys'!


With the focus of our week being anti bullying, we had the opportunity to watch a powerful drama about the effects of bullying at school.  As a class, we reflected on times when we have not treated others as kindly as we should have and times when we have kept quiet about the unkind actions of others.  We handed out "kindness" slips to other children and members of staff throughout the week to promote the power of positive words and actions.  

The class assembly took place on Friday.  We are so proud of the maturity and enthusiasm the children have shown in learning their lines, preparing costumes and creating their whole class jigsaw pieces. Here is another copy of the whole class jigsaw coming together, which we showed in our class assembly.
Finally, next week is Cycling Proficiency Week.  Please remember your bikes, helmets, a complete change of clothes (including socks) and a waterproof coat.  

Mrs Chisholm and Mrs Scamans


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