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English and R.E
This week, we have been busy writing detailed instructions for how to make a paper Advent wreath having watched a clip on completing this task.  The instructions 5C wrote were extremely impressive using very precise vocabulary as well as top tips and imperative verbs. We also discussed the religious significance of these wreaths within our lessons.  Here is the clip again if you would like to attempt to make this wreath at home:
There is an expectation that 5C write in joined up handwriting in every piece of work and the entire class has made a concerted effort to do so. Keep up the good work! We are encouraging everyone to write to the best of their abilities and to carefully consider how best to edit their work. 

We have worked hard to understand the mathematical meaning of the words factor, multiple and product. These terms can be confusing but with lots of practise there has been a huge improvement in understanding.  Please keep practising times tables at home as this directly links to this topic.
Additionally, in continuing our ongoing work on fractions, we have worked hard this week on converting from fractions to equivalent decimals and percentages.

We were given top secret missions in science to help secret agent Jamie Bond. We investigated which surface around school generated the most friction so he wouldn't slip while chasing the bad guys. We have begun investigating which size parachute would fall the slowest as his parachute fell too quickly in his last mission and he was injured!

Thanks to our experienced parachute-maker, Will, who helped make the parachutes in class.

We are continuing to develop our map skills. We have begun to annotate geographical features on a map of Iceland and located archipelagos within Europe.

Why not keep abreast of any news reports regarding Mount Agung volcano in Bali as we are studying volcanoes this term?

We recently created seasonal work on the theme of winter buildings.  We created silhouette outlines of buildings at night using black card and placed these onto a wash of watercolours that represented the night sky in the background.  Below is a selection of beautiful work on this theme that 5C created for a display:

We are really pleased with the progress we are seeing from the children and their continued motivation in the final weeks of this term.

Best Wishes,

Mrs Chisholm and Mrs Scamans


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