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Spring 1 Week 3

Dear Parents,
R.E We have had a few weeks on our topic of Mission where we consider the shared mission of Jesus and those around him. We created persuasive leaflets inviting others to follow the example Jesus set during his mission. We followed this work by beginning to think of how we enact the mission of Jesus in our own lives and what it means to be part of a community that includes our parish as well as our wider diocese.
English Following wonderful writing of handbooks and adverts for explorers, we are considering how authors create an atmosphere of mystery and suspense.  To do this was have started reading a book called The Watertower By Gary Crew.  We have only read part of the book and have been justifying our responses to it so far. We have explained how the book keeps us interested, characters we admire as well as what we find frustrating about this book.
Maths Despite some initial worries about the process of short division, we are well on the way to understanding this now and c…

Spring 1 week 1

Spring 1 Week 1
The children have all started the new term calmly.  We have had a productive and positive first two days back creating work for our new displays.
Our first focus for the new term has been completing a display for the hall on the Parable of the Mustard Seed. We have been considering the message of this parable and how things that initially seem unnoticeable can transform into the biggest and most powerful force of all. The children all created their own version of the enormous tree that grows from the smallest of seeds.  Here is a photo of the display showing some of the wonderful work:    

We have also started our topic of Mission where we will consider the mission of Jesus and the mission of various charity and community workers in our local area. This weekend the children are completing a homework task to research a charity that helps particular groups of people or individuals in our area.  They may choose the Emmaus charity we discussed in class, a charity they a…