Spring 1 Week 3

Dear Parents,

We have had a few weeks on our topic of Mission where we consider the shared mission of Jesus and those around him. We created persuasive leaflets inviting others to follow the example Jesus set during his mission. We followed this work by beginning to think of how we enact the mission of Jesus in our own lives and what it means to be part of a community that includes our parish as well as our wider diocese.

Following wonderful writing of handbooks and adverts for explorers, we are considering how authors create an atmosphere of mystery and suspense.  To do this was have started reading a book called The Watertower By Gary Crew.  We have only read part of the book and have been justifying our responses to it so far. We have explained how the book keeps us interested, characters we admire as well as what we find frustrating about this book.

Despite some initial worries about the process of short division, we are well on the way to understanding this now and continue to practise interpreting remainders as fractions and decimals. This calculation method has been previously referred to as the bus stop method.  Please click on the link below for further information.
We have also continued to secure a greater understanding of fractions.

Our new topic is about drawing , painting and making containers.  This week we used poster paints to copy the bold collections of pots drawn by the artist Patrick Caulfield. We thought carefully about which  viewpoints Caufield drew the pots from and which order to draw and paint our own pots in.
Some great pictures below:

The main question which we are exploring this term is, "Why was winning the Battle of Britain in 1940 so important?" We have looked at primary and secondary sources of information and been fascinated by the plans which were put in place to evacuate coastal areas and London.

We have started our new topic on Materials and carried out an experiment to investigate which material was the most absorbent.  Next week we will be investigating dissolving in water.

"Everybody loves Saturday Night" has provoked a Marmite response - you either love it or hate it but either way, it is incredibly catchy! We practised the skill of  harmonising, beating the rhythm and playing xylophones as we sang.  We have started to explore ostinato in our new song "Celebrate".

Mrs Chisholm and Mrs Scamans


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