Summer 1 Week 4

We have had a productive few weeks so far this half term


5C have been thoroughly immersed in our fiction book Oranges in No Man’s Land, which we have been focusing on this half term.  They have impressed us with their understanding of how the relationships between characters change during a time of war.  The children have responded sensitively to the difficult situations the characters face within the book and offered encouraging words of advice.  They are creating fantastic writing on this book, including diary entries as well as writing the story again from the perspective of a different character.  The children have been ensuring they include modal verbs in their writing during this unit as well as learning the difference between direct and reported speech.


Every child in 5C successfully made their own bread roll! This was a result of hard work, clearly allocated roles within teams and working quickly with limited time!!  The children put enormous effort into their kneading, mixing and knocking the air out of the bread dough.  There was just enough time to get the bread for 60 children baked by the end of the school day! We couldn’t have done it without the parent helpers!  Can you recognise your individual bread roll in the photos below?!


We have started to cover the enormous area of area! We have started by discussing different ways to estimate and calculate areas and will be proceeding to work out the area of compound shapes along with working backwards to deducing various lengths when area is given.


We are well into our topic of transformation. We started this unit by considering our own personal transformations.  We then moved onto considering key moments of transformation in the bible, such as the disciples on the road to Emmaus and the transformation of Saul.
We are very impressed with the job adverbs the children wrote for a community transformer, which are on display in 5C. 


We have had an exciting and successful daffodil dissection activity, we have attempted to grow seeds, cuttings and sprouting potatoes and are awaiting a butterfly garden to observe and record the life cycle of an insect first-hand.


We have examined evidence of artefacts, paintings, written accounts and archaeological ruins which surround the Trojan Horse story. As budding historians we are analysing the authenticity of the different evidence and exploring how they help us form an opinion as to whether the story is a fact, a myth or a legend.

Your final term in Year 5 has been extremely positive and so far and we are really pleased with the wide range of learning you have shown such enthusiasm for!

Mrs Chisholm and Mrs Scamans


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