Summer Term Week 6


We concluded our bread baking unit with trialling a different method of making bread.  We made flatbreads by kneading, rolling out and shaping our dough and adding our choice of special ingredient.  5C worked extremely efficiently in their teams and provided an interesting range of special ingredients, such as pomegranate, dried mango and raisins.


We have just finished our transformation unit where we have discussed the extent to which transformation can change lives and improve situations. Our final focus in this unit has been the power of the Holy Spirit to enable transformation.


5C wrote wonderful versions of Oranges in No Man's Land from the perspective of a less dominant character.  They wrote passionately and dramatically about the struggles of this character and really emphasised the importance of the friendship between two characters with this story. Excellent work! We concluded the unit by reviewing the story and explaining any unanswered questions we have about the ending.

In addition to this, 5C have been busy impressing Miss O'Sullivan and Mrs Stocks with their range of vocabulary as they wrote a poem in response to the painting, 'A Lion Hunt' by Peter Paul Reubens.
Their analysis and understanding of various characters within the painting were deepened through discussion, drama and the creation of a class poem (see below)

 Image result for a lion hunt peter paul rubens

In a frenzied state, the horses desperately flee the jaws of death,
Too terrified to face the truth, their eyes refuse to witness the worst,
Despite their fear the hunters cling on,
The ferocious lion’s golden mane cuts through the air as it quickly pounces into battle,
Repeatedly, the jagged lance slashes, piercing the unexpected lion’s beating chest,
Teeth snap and maul trying to escape the spear thrusts from all sides,
Lifeless, on the ground, a hunter lies trampled.

The children's individual poems will be on display in the classroom after half term.


5C have learned how to calculate the volume of cubes and cuboids.  We have revised the number of degrees in right angles, acute, obtuse and reflex angles.  We have also learned about angles on a straight line and around a point or a whole turn.  With the help of a song set to Katy Perry's 'Firework', we learned how to correctly centre and line up a protractor to measure angles.  We then moved on to calculating missing angles by applying prior learning. 


We continue to have great success with the cress, spinach, peas and sprouting onion which we planted.  These are now happily growing outside the classroom.  With great excitement, we have watched our sprouting potatoes grow and the class caterpillars have now rapidly multiplied in size ten times.  The caterpillars have created their chrysalides and we are hoping to watch their metamorphosis after half term.  In class we have discussed the differences in the life cycles of amphibians and insects, birds and mammals.


Prior to our trip on the first Wednesday back at school, we have started exploring the story of how the Shang Dynasty's history was discovered through 'dragon' bones.

Mrs Scamans was touched by your kind thoughts and gifts on her final day teaching - she wondered if she had enough vases at home for all the beautiful flowers!  She is looking forward to preparing for the arrival of her baby in October.

Mrs Gritz popped into school on Wednesday afternoon to say hello and the class were excited to talk to her.  Mrs Gritz will not be coming on the trip on Wednesday but 5C are looking forward to welcoming her back to St Dominic on the first Thursday and Friday after half term.

Have a wonderful half term and we look forward to an exciting final half term in Year 5!

Mrs Chisholm, Mrs Scamans and Mrs Gritz


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