Friday 29th June 2018

It's been another very busy two weeks in 5C!

We looked at scaling and ratio where the class were asked questions like:
"William takes 12 minutes to walk to school.  It takes Lacey 4 times as long.  How long does it take Lacey to walk to school? Prove it using a model."

We also reviewed our shape knowledge through a variety of activities and worked together on the definitions of polygon, quadrilateral, regular, irregular, symmetrical, parallel, perpendicular and vertices. 

We have started to plan ideas for a story using the painting by Rousseau as our starting point.
The children have all been told that Rousseau explained that a group of hunter explorers were just out of view of the painting.
The class now have the exciting task of planning what happened next. They have written some brilliant story openings on Friday and will continue the story writing process next week!

The class compared and contrasted King Cheng Tang and King Di Xin from the Shang Dynasty, generating an excellent mind map of the attributes of a successful leader and a poor leader. The class completed a written task to explain the reasons for their success or failure.

This week the class have learned about Ramadan and wrote some fabulous diary entries from the point of view of a muslim child fasting! They have also produced some wonderful Eid information leaflets for younger children. They have learned about how muslim people celebrate Eid - the festival of 'breaking the fast'.

The class have been working on a final Romero Britto inspired piece of art work, ready to display in a gallery in the classroom on Open Evening next Thursday.

We have been busy practising all the songs from Oliver and are now focusing on learning all the words off by heart. We'll be rehearsing quite a lot next week with 6D and we look forward to our evening performance on Wednesday 11th July! Please could each child have their costume ready for Wednesday 4th July. Many thanks!


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