Summer 2 Week 2

Summer 2 Week 2

The children have welcomed Mrs Gritz into 5C beautifully and have been keen to show her a high standard of work and behaviour.  We are proud of the way they have taken the change of teaching staff in their stride and in their enthusiasm and diligence at the start of the last term in Year 5.

Week 2 has involved some final tests in Maths and English and we have been impressed at the children's growing maturity, both in taking tests and in their understanding that the tests are not to label success or failure, but that they are to provide information for their Year 6 teachers in September. 


On the last few days of term, the class caterpillars had begun to form into chrysalides.

Mrs Sandhu kindly babysat them over the half term holiday and took the following photos of their transformation into butterflies.

After a few days in which the butterflies wings strengthened, we released them into the Butterfly Garden next to the Prayer Garden.  Some butterflies confidently flew above the trees and school roof, while others were more reluctant and needed some encouragement to leave their net home and spent a few minutes resting on flowers.

Sadly, one butterfly died before the release date and has been buried in a paper coffin and a flower pot which is kept on 5C's RE table as a memorial.


We are continuing with our visual literacy topic which has encouraged the class to be much more descriptive and more specific about the vocabulary they use in their writing.  We have started the topic by looking at 'Tiger in a tropical storm' by Henri Rousseau.

A powerful activity has been to listen to a partner's description of the painting and then sketch exactly what has been described.  Through emphasising precise verbal descriptions, the class have a greater appreciation of how to produce more accurate and detailed writing.


We have reviewed formal division and multiplication strategies, and worked on creating four different word problems which would require the problem solver to either a) ignore the remainder b) round up the answer c) convert the remainder or d) use the remainder as the answer.

Can you remember what the word QUOTIENT meant in division?


We are looking forward to reading detailed recounts of our visit to Compton Verney.  In class, we have continued to investigate the reasons as to why we know so much about the ruling class or nobles from the Shang era and so little about the common people.


We have started practising Oliver with 6A and will be bringing home lyrics shortly which the children will need to learn.  5C will be dressed as orphans - more details to follow!


As part of our Reconciliation unit (Freedom and Responsibility), the children have read a story and discussed how certain rules are needed to enable safety, happiness, confidence and freedom for pupils, teachers and parents. They have read scripture and discussed the Ten Commandments and rewritten them for children. They have also written prayers and poems asking God to help you to love yourself or a neighbour more fully.

This week has been a wonderful multicultural Arts Week, which the children have been thoroughly enjoying. They have taken part in a Samba dance workshop, they have tie dyed t-shirts, they've created Carnival collages and masks and they will be learning about the Brazilian artist Romero Britto, and be inspired to create some artwork in his style! We're looking forward to the school Carnival parade on Friday afternoon!

Have a lovely weekend ahead.
Mrs Chisholm and Mrs Gritz


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