Friday 13th July 2018

As our final week draws near in Year 5, the children have continued to work hard and have reflected on their learning over the past year. 

English -  The children have worked incredibly hard to make their final story in Year 5 as interesting and as powerful as possible. By reading aloud to each other, their editing skills are improving as they become more aware of issues such as missing words or repetition. The class are learning to provide constructive feedback to each other as to how sections could be improved on and we have been impressed by their maturity in delivering and receiving these comments. Miss Abbott is particularly looking forward to reading them before the start of next year. 

Science - Our pea shoot harvest has been small but successful and we are looking forward to harvesting some potatoes next week. 

Maths - The children have revised area and perimeter this week and have used their knowledge of angles around a point to find a number of missing angles in different shapes. They have looked carefully at different patterns and calculated the angles around tessellating equilateral triangles and rectangles

Sports Day - We were treated to another wonderful day of sunshine on Sports Day last Friday and spirits were high. The children should be very proud of their sporting achievements!

RE - The children have been learning about Stewardship. We had a fantastic discussion at the beginning of the unit about different roles stewards have in society. We talked and wrote in detail about needing to be a steward of the Earth God has created. The children have also learned about the importance of being good stewards to other people. They have recently produced some wonderful storyboards explaining the story of creation and they have written some fantastic articles about flooding in Bangladesh and how CAFOD has supported those affected by climate change.

We look forward to the production of Oliver Twist and hope you thoroughly enjoy your evening next Tuesday night.

We've had a wonderful year teaching 5C and we wish you all the very best in your year ahead in 6A. Have a good rest over the summer!

Mrs Chisholm and Mrs Gritz


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